• 13. July 2018

    Flamingos in the Camargue

    It is not really a secret that Southern France during summertime feels a little bit like heaven. Lilac lavender fields stretch out to the rolling hills confining the horizon, some cypresses scattered inbetween. After spending a few days in Avignon (where seven succssesive popes resided in the middle-ages) and Arles […]

  • 11. July 2018

    Die Seehundstation Norddeich nutzt Leica Geovid

    Die Seehundstation Nationalpark-Haus ist die leistungsfähige anerkannte Betreuungsstation für Meeressäuger. Zwischen 100 und 180 verwaiste Seehunde und vereinzelt auch Kegelrobben werden jährlich aufgezogen und in die Nordsee zurückgebracht. Die Station ist zuständig für das gesamte Niedersächsische Wattenmeer, das als Nationalpark, Biosphärenreservat und Weltnaturerbe besonderen Schutz genießt. Bereits vor einigen Jahren […]

  • 3. May 2018

    2018 Texel Big Day – Racing for conservation

    In less then 2 weeks time, on May 12th, the Dutch Knights will again be participating in an unique fundraising event in the Netherlands – The Texel Big Day. During an epic 24 hour Birding Big Day by E-bike on the Wadden isle of Texel, the Dutch Knights, together with 14 other […]

  • 30. April 2018

    The Pantanal – in search of big cats

    While Brazil’s Amazon rain forest may get all the media attention, it is in fact the Pantanal which is South America’s biggest biodiversity star. Located in the heart of South America, the Pantanal is the world’s largest wetland territory covering around 210,000 sq km which puts it at 20 times […]

  • 20. April 2018

    FIRST LIGHT in Cape Town

    Towering high above Cape Town, Table Mountain offers stunning costal vistas in a pristine natural paradise. Michael Edwards, Cape Town-based professional photographer in partnership with Belmond, has created one in a series of dawn walks and nature experiences discovering the beautiful native birds, small mammals and the dazzling flowers of […]

  • 13. April 2018

    Birding on High: welcome to Ecuador!

    In February, I joined an international crew of birding writers & professionals on a spectacular, whirlwind trip around Ecuador sponsored by Neblina Forest Nature & Birding Tours. I was the sole representative from the US and was honored to also represent the Leica brand amongst this group of enthusiastic British […]

  • 29. March 2018

    A Rookie on the Flyway

    I’ve always liked birds, although I never considered myself a birder. Well, I guess that has changed now and there is no turning back. I see birds. All the time. Everywhere. And it’s great! I’ll admit that I had kind of a head-start on this. Not every aspiring birder gets […]

  • 19. March 2018

    A bird race with a difference

    32 birding teams from all over the world are on their way to Israel this week. Their destination: the Champions of the Flyway bird race (COTF)! The COTF is staged as part of the Eilat Bird Festival by The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (BirdLife’s national Partner in Israel) […]

  • 8. March 2018

    FIRST LIGHT at Iguassu Falls

    Luke Massey, nature expert and wildlife photographer, discovers nature’s beauty and the magnificent relationship between land and water of Iguassu National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. In partnership with Belmond we’re creating a series of dawn walks and nature experiences – FIRST LIGHT. Located at the heart of the […]

  • 27. February 2018

    FIRST LIGHT in Deià, Mallorca

    Tucked between the mountains and the sea on Mallorca’s northwest coast, Deià is entrancing at any time of the day. But at dawn, as an ethereal glow emerges, it takes on a whole new beauty. Sebastià Torrens, nature expert and photographer, discovers the sound of waves lapping the shore and […]

  • 26. February 2018

    Birding in Guatemala with Leica

    Guatemala is truly a hidden gem and a birding Paradise in Central America. Often overlooked by neotropical birders, Guatemala, in the northern central American region, never disappoints. The region holds numerous regional endemics (around 55 species divided in 3 major areas) and the Yucatan peninsula endemics in the central highlands […]

  • 16. February 2018

    Life of Prion

    Last November I made a personal dream come true by joining a 19-day expedition cruise to New Zealand’s Subantarctic Islands, a trip called Birding Down Under: A seabird extravaganza around some of the remotest and wildest islands on the planet. There were many highlights, but the biggest surprise on the […]

  • 9. February 2018

    Behind the scenes – The Optical Design of the Leica Noctivid

    I was quite overawed when I began my first day of work in 1987. I feel that the lesson I was told back then still plays a crucial role: “Innovations are the consequence of constant dialogue and intense exchange with the users of our products.“ Understanding our customers’ needs is […]

  • 2. February 2018

    The Canopy Family

    After meeting The Canopy Family at the British Birdfair, Leica Optics Ambassador Luke Massey and I were looking for any excuse to visit. Luckily our opportunity arose last August, having moved to Nicaragua for four months it didn’t feel a million miles away, and so we hopped on a plane […]

  • 22. January 2018

    Birding by wire

    We didn’t have a good start. “You can’t bring that!” Me: “Sorry?” “You can’t bring that! You can’t bring your camera!” “Sorry… say again? I can’t bring my camera…? Why?” “Because I say so. It is not allowed.” “Not allowed…? Why? What? I don’t have a flash…just the camera.” “Because […]

  • 15. November 2017

    Finding two new bird species

    Linosa is a little black volcanic island south of Sicily. It is one of the three islands of the Pelagie Archipelago, alongside with Lampedusa and Lampione (both lime stone islands from the African Plateau). It is black, it is fully covered by green, it is really isolated and scarcely populated […]

  • 16. October 2017

    “I could see the Irish coast!”

    A week’s guiding with Nature Scotland on the wonderful Scottish island of Islay meant that it was time, once again, to put my Leica Noctivid 10×42 binoculars and my Apo Televid spotting scope to the test. A seven hour, early morning drive from mid-Wales saw me arrive at Kennacraig in […]

  • 22. September 2017

    Nearly on the verge of extinction: European Lanner close to its end

    The Slender-billed Curlew is nowadays considered extinct, with no birds officially observed in the last nearly 20 years or so worldwide (Corso, et al. 2014; Kirwan, et al.2015), while the Bald Ibis seems to be recovering with a rather small but increasing wild breeding population in Morocco (though the other […]

  • 7. September 2017

    Borneo – When The Birding Gets Tough You Need Leica’s

    We have recently returned from a Birdwatching (and mammal watching) Trip on the island of Borneo. This huge tropical island lies south of Malaysia, the area we visited belongs to Malaysia. Stepping off the air-conditioned plane we were smacked in the face by hot humid air, very hot and very […]

  • 22. August 2017

    Heinz Sielmann – Birder und Naturfreund

    Heinz Sielmann (* 2. Juni 1917 in Rheydt; † 6. Oktober 2006 in München) kam schon früh mit seinem späteren Berufsfeld in Verbindung. Sein Vater nahm ihn schon in Kindheitstagen mit in die Natur. Er prägte den Jungen mit seiner Aussage: “Die Natur ist ein Gottesgeschenk, Tiere und Pflanzen sind […]

  • 16. August 2017

    Discovering nature in Italy

    Italy hosts among the richest biodiversity in Europe. The variety of geographic, geo-morphological and climatic conditions that characterizes its territory makes it an extraordinary concentration area of ​​both species and habitats. In Italy, several “high-density” points of biodiversity of planetary importance (called “hot spots” in scientific terms) have been identified, […]

  • 10. August 2017

    “These are binoculars for life”

    I had the pleasure of using the latest Leica 10-42 binoculars for a week of birdwatching in Israel in March. I was there to take part in the Eilat Bird Festival and follow the “Champions of the Flyway” a 24 hours Bird Race organised by the Society for the Protection […]

  • 8. August 2017

    2017 Texel Big Day – Racing for conservation

    Ever since participating in the first awesome Champions of the Flyway (COTF), in Eilat, Israel, I dreamed about a nation specific version of the event, and in particular in the Netherlands. The concept of the COTF was in my opinion so strong that, for me, it had no doubt it […]

  • 21. July 2017

    ET proves new migration route for spoonies

    In 2013, Leica Camera teamed up with Wildfowl & Wetland Trust (WWT) to support their ‘Saving the Spoon-billed Sandpiper’ project. As well as financial help, Leica provides optical equipment to help field workers locate the breeding spoon-billed sandpipers and record their behaviour. WWT’s Head of Conservation Action, Dr Baz Hughes, […]

  • 11. July 2017

    A trip to Speyside

    TV presenter Iolo Williams has been a Leica brand ambassador since 2015. Here, the Welsh birder recounts a trip to northeast Scotland. The most difficult problem with an early spring guiding trip to Speyside is knowing exactly what to pack. Will it snow? Is it going to be wet? Do […]

  • 3. May 2017

    Natur mit Leica Ferngläsern erleben

    Leica unterstützt Bau der neuen Vogelbeobachtungshütte im Katinger Watt. “Mehr sehen, mehr erleben” – so lautet das Motto des NABU Naturzentrums Katinger Watt für das Naturerleben im Katinger Watt in Schleswig-Holstein, in dem mit Unterstützung der Leica Camera AG eine neue Vogelbeobachtungshütte errichtet wurde. Die seit mehr als 20 Jahren […]

  • 19. April 2017

    Deep in Colombia’s rainforests

    Do you really know what mud is? I did not know. I am a “desert man” – I have visited North Africa, the Maghreb, the Sahara and many other deserts as Sinai and the Negev many times. I truly love the desert. So I was actually not ready to be […]