Articles by: Marc Guyt

Life of Prion

Last November I made a personal dream come true by joining a 19-day expedition cruise to New Zealand’s Subantarctic Islands, a trip called Birding Down Under: A seabird extravaganza around some of the remotest and wildest islands on the planet. There were many highlights, but the biggest surprise on the […]

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Birding by wire

We didn’t have a good start. “You can’t bring that!” Me: “Sorry?” “You can’t bring that! You can’t bring your camera!” “Sorry… say again? I can’t bring my camera…? Why?” “Because I say so. It is not allowed.” “Not allowed…? Why? What? I don’t have a flash…just the camera.” “Because […]

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One big birding fiesta

This summer I decided that I wanted to see more seabirds in life. 
Despite having the new Noctivids already in my possession since the official launch at the British Birdfair, lack of time made sure the bins hadn’t left the bag. After the birdfair there are just so many things […]

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