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  • 25. September 2018

    Leica Ferngläser im Einsatz bei Seehundrettung im Wattenmeer

    Die Seehundstation Nationalpark-Haus ist eine anerkannte Betreuungsstation für Meeressäuger. Zwischen 80 und 150 verwaiste Seehunde und vereinzelt auch Kegelrobben werden jährlich aufgezogen und in die Nordsee zurückgebracht. Die Station ist zuständig für das gesamte Niedersächsische Wattenmeer, das als Nationalpark, Biosphärenreservat und Weltnaturerbe besonderen Schutz genießt. In der Seehundstation Nationalpark-Haus sind […]

  • 27. August 2018

    This was Bird Fair 2018

    I was lucky enough to begin my birding “career” at the Champions of the Flyway event in Eilat earlier this year. I have since been birding a little in the Lower Rhine area and a lot in my backyard. And in August I got to visit yet another birders’ highlight […]

  • 31. August 2018

    The seal sanctuary in Norden-Norddeich

    The seal sanctuary „Nationalpark-Haus“ is the efficient, approved sanctuary for marine mammals. Every year the sanctuary rears between 100 and 180 orphaned common seals and occasionally grey seals and releases them into the North Sea. It is responsible for the whole wadden sea of Lower Saxony, that enjoys special protection […]

  • 13. July 2018

    Flamingos in the Camargue

    It is not really a secret that Southern France during summertime feels a little bit like heaven. Lilac lavender fields stretch out to the rolling hills confining the horizon, some cypresses scattered inbetween. After spending a few days in Avignon (where seven succssesive popes resided in the middle-ages) and Arles […]

  • 3. May 2018

    2018 Texel Big Day – Racing for conservation

    In less then 2 weeks time, on May 12th, the Dutch Knights will again be participating in an unique fundraising event in the Netherlands – The Texel Big Day. During an epic 24 hour Birding Big Day by E-bike on the Wadden isle of Texel, the Dutch Knights, together with 14 other […]


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