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  • 30. November 2018

    Canopy Tower Pure Panama Magic

    After our Darién adventures, Athena and I returned to the Canal Zone near Gamboa to join the amazing tour group assembling at the Canopy Tower for the Eagle Optics / Leica Sport Optics tour here. Representing Eagle Optics, was our friend Ben Lizdas whom I’ve birded with and chased many life birds […]

  • 26. October 2018

    Estonia Migration

    The landscape was green and lush. Forests, meadows and wetlands flashed by us as we made our way from Tallinn airport to the West of Estonia. There was such a variety of habitats that it felt as if we were travelling across the world – not just two hours across […]

  • 17. October 2018

    Cruises aren’t just for your golden years!

    I have always been of the understanding that the enjoyment of cruising is a pastime reserved for the older crowd, and in that belief, I am quite sure that I am not alone. So when in 2016 Luke won the Wildlife category in the Travel Photographer of the Year competition, […]

  • 5. October 2018

    Eagle eyes with Leica

    Birds are his world. So it is no surprise that Manuel Schweizer has once again won the Swiss Bird Race with his team. Leica products have helped him while bird watching – along with his sense of hearing. After all, anyone who thinks that good eyesight is all you need […]

  • 25. September 2018

    Leica Ferngläser im Einsatz bei Seehundrettung im Wattenmeer

    Die Seehundstation Nationalpark-Haus ist eine anerkannte Betreuungsstation für Meeressäuger. Zwischen 80 und 150 verwaiste Seehunde und vereinzelt auch Kegelrobben werden jährlich aufgezogen und in die Nordsee zurückgebracht. Die Station ist zuständig für das gesamte Niedersächsische Wattenmeer, das als Nationalpark, Biosphärenreservat und Weltnaturerbe besonderen Schutz genießt. In der Seehundstation Nationalpark-Haus sind […]


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