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  • 3. May 2018

    2018 Texel Big Day – Racing for conservation

    In less then 2 weeks time, on May 12th, the Dutch Knights will again be participating in an unique fundraising event in the Netherlands – The Texel Big Day. During an epic 24 hour Birding Big Day by E-bike on the Wadden isle of Texel, the Dutch Knights, together with 14 other […]

  • 30. April 2018

    The Pantanal – in search of big cats

    While Brazil’s Amazon rain forest may get all the media attention, it is in fact the Pantanal which is South America’s biggest biodiversity star. Located in the heart of South America, the Pantanal is the world’s largest wetland territory covering around 210,000 sq km which puts it at 20 times […]

  • 20. April 2018

    FIRST LIGHT in Cape Town

    Towering high above Cape Town, Table Mountain offers stunning costal vistas in a pristine natural paradise. Michael Edwards, Cape Town-based professional photographer in partnership with Belmond, has created one in a series of dawn walks and nature experiences discovering the beautiful native birds, small mammals and the dazzling flowers of […]

  • 13. April 2018

    Birding on High: welcome to Ecuador!

    In February, I joined an international crew of birding writers & professionals on a spectacular, whirlwind trip around Ecuador sponsored by Neblina Forest Nature & Birding Tours. I was the sole representative from the US and was honored to also represent the Leica brand amongst this group of enthusiastic British […]

  • 29. March 2018

    A Rookie on the Flyway

    I’ve always liked birds, although I never considered myself a birder. Well, I guess that has changed now and there is no turning back. I see birds. All the time. Everywhere. And it’s great! I’ll admit that I had kind of a head-start on this. Not every aspiring birder gets […]


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